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Surviving the Apocalypse

The Solution Mandala

The solution is to take our minds off of the problem. The “problem” is that it would appear that duality is getting worse, rather than better. We are lead to believe, in the USA anyway, that we are divided beyond repair. That only one side is good, and the other is purely evil. That there is no hope for unification and cooperation. No hope for soul-searching honesty and reasonable, respectful, open minded discourse on pretty much any topic. Unless, of course, we only talk to and read about people whom we already know share our values and opinions. That’s no solution! That calls the other half “other” and casts them aside like a dangling participle.

Why not picture a world that works for everybody? Maybe even turn off the news and the news feeds, and just stubbornly hold to that vision: a world that friggin’ works for everybody, a world that doesn’t take sides, a world that doesn’t marginalize anybody.