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Surviving the Apocalypse

The Solution Mandala

The solution is to take our minds off of the problem. The “problem” is that it would appear that duality is getting worse, rather than better. We are lead to believe, in the USA anyway, that we are divided beyond repair. That only one side is good, and the other is purely evil. That there is no hope for unification and cooperation. No hope for soul-searching honesty and reasonable, respectful, open minded discourse on pretty much any topic. Unless, of course, we only talk to and read about people whom we already know share our values and opinions. That’s no solution! That calls the other half “other” and casts them aside like a dangling participle.

Why not picture a world that works for everybody? Maybe even turn off the news and the news feeds, and just stubbornly hold to that vision: a world that friggin’ works for everybody, a world that doesn’t take sides, a world that doesn’t marginalize anybody.

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The Transformation Mandala

The Transformation Mandala has two, four, five and six point symmetry all superimposed to make one. That is how transformation works; it looks at something really complicated (like life) and changes the way we see it. Get this…. right right right, we can’t always change the thing itself, but we can surely transform the way we see it. We can transform how we talk about it, hold it, or allow it to hinder us. This mandala is a fire burning through self imposed limitations! It is a surety that some higher order can handle the situation, no matter how complex. It is the courage to proceed on faith, without yet being able to see the bigger picture that only looking back on it will provide.


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The Healing Mandala

The Healing Mandala says “healing is the process of releasing resistance.” What does this mean? Is that just a bunch of work, something that needs to be figured out using great consternation? THAT would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it? Releasing resistance means, in its most simple form, that we stop clinging to all our various and quite prodigious thoughts that everything is not all right. We are so sure it is not all right, that we are not all right. Look at all the evidence we can produce! At times, the evidence appears quite profoundly to be in-your-face not all rightness. But here’s the catch: if we give the evidence the power, we will never see the Truth. Like Jesus, (yes! I said LIKE JESUS) we are “in the world, but not of it.” It is what we are really “of” that maintains our wholeness, our perfection, our true all rightness. Keeping in mind that it is the PROCESS of releasing resistance, which means that it is a daily practice, we stop complaining, stop judging all of our perceptions and experiences, we start practicing gratitude and start trusting in what made us in the first place, and slowly we start to see more clearly what is real and what is just the habitual (but quite convincing) suffering of the Earth Dream. We are reaching for the idea that we are already healed, that we were actually never broken in the first place!

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Patience Mandala

I received some powerful guidance that I needed to show up more often on my website, so that things would always look “up to date.” Of late, I have allowed myself to feel behind the times; all of this internet stuff can be fairly intimidating to someone like me… too much like Junior High School, in many ways. Really, who in their right mind would want to need “likes?”

But perhaps I have been overlooking the beauty of this web of connection. Here in these illuminated pixels we can meet for a moment and share a few electrons, a little piece of life. So I’d just like to say that I don’t just “like” you, I love you, you glorious piece of our collective Light! And meanwhile, The Patience Mandala says “Everything’s all right, it’s all working out perfectly.”

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The Hope Mandala: Wishes ARE Horses


Hope MandalaWe are told by mystics and seers through the ages that God is the Good that has no opposite. Because God is All That Is, there can be nothing outside of God. But we are trained as humans – not just by parents and teachers and old school preachers, but by the collective belief and history of humanity- we are trained to see, to project, to expect that everything has an opposite of equal measure. Hope is a description of the unyielding Good that emanates from Source. But most of us can’t think of hope without thinking of the possibility of disappointment or even despair. And so we don’t take the comfort in it that is offered all day every day.

A childhood memory comes to mind; my dear mother’s response when I would express a hope for something that she must have felt was unattainable, (probably a horse!) “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.” In all likelihood, someone responded to her childhood hopes the same way. It was programmed into her to try to protect me from disappointment, or to protect herself from feeling like she was the one who had to fulfill my far-fetched dreams. “Don’t get your hopes up, dear,” the world says. All of those little wishes and hopes of all those little children needed to be nipped in the bud like little weeds, lest those children be either spoiled or crushed. But what if we just say to ourselves now, “My hope is good. My hope is a fuel, a direction, a touchstone of Joy’s potential. I just need to remember that its fulfillment comes from my living, breathing relationship with my Source, not from the give and take melodrama of this world, where everyone’s fears are always at play.”

So, yes! Take your hope and ride it. Wishes ARE horses.


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The Truth of Our Wholeness: Nothing Broken, Nothing Missing

Ah, see, this is what we are here to change now, we no longer have to tell the story of how childhood wrenched us from our wholeness, because children are being born now who are not so inclined to let their wholeness go in the first place. We, the elders, can benefit from that change by resonating with the new story: “I was born whole, and I plan to stay that way.” Nothing broken, nothing missing, (the caveat here being that this is true even if appearances would indicate otherwise.)

As for all these toxins that have agitated their (our) brains, there has to be a way to get off of that story too, for the telling of that story does no good for the changing of it. I say this with a bit of street “cred” under my belt, as the mother of a young man born with the attributes of autism. An Abraham-Hicks recording talked about simply  laying new pipe, above the ground, to get around a problem of some buried clogging, allowing a simple solution, a circumvention. So, fluoride, radiation, heavy metals, chemtrails, BPA, GMO, glyphosate, etc… the list is so long of our poisons. The new pipe must simply hold us as invulnerable. Or turn the poisons into nothing. Or hold fast to the thought of ones among us who will emerge with ideas to solve and change and renew. Believing in the antidote.  Or just mentally shifting to a different world where no one would ever think to poison the people for the sake of profit, power, ignorance, laziness, or arrogance. A world of wholeness, for everyone. Nothing broken, nothing missing.

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Mental Pushups

I’m doing pushups, but not with my arms. (Not that I couldn’t benefit from that as well!) I’m doing pushups in my mind, mentally pushing out a couple of feet around my head as if I am creating a gravity-defying dome, defying the collective stories, struggles, failed hopes and hardships that easily fill my yammering mind whenever I imagine changes I want to make for myself and the world. In this dome of innocence, I am free to expect things to go well. I am unhinged from all of my past experiences, I am not projecting any of my jaded assessments. And, most importantly, I am allowing the Divine Flow to do what it does naturally, which is to create what is being imagined, and call it Good! Now, if only I can expect my mental pushups to go well! 🙂

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Time to begin…

It’s long been time to start writing my thoughts out. OOf ooop ooh… is that my mother calling? Shouldn’t I be starting a load of wash? Almost time to pick the kids up from school… Oh yeah, I think I might need a snack. Or a glass of water. And look at this, my neck is a little sore, I should be stretching. Maybe go for a walk?

There is no time like the present. No time like just trying to GET PRESENT and stop avoiding the present. The present is a gift, right? The present is the only place I will accomplish what I want to accomplish, which is to start this blog and make it a habit. The blog is about connecting to a lasting peace, an abiding love, an ever-present ally. But my word sorter and receiver is frazzled by life. My faith in getting to a finished product, prose-wise, is mighty thin. But maybe, just maybe, my clarity has been living in a seed pod, long dry, long wedged in between rocks, not touching the fertile soil but within reach of it. And maybe a certain wind, a searching squirrel, or a sudden rain will liberate that long stuck seed and we can begin for real…