Archangel Raphael Pendant


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Archangel Raphael supports and orchestrates within the realms of health and healing. His message to you is:

“I will come to you, whispering words of advice and inspiration. I will place them into the print you are reading, or the voices of friends or strangers. Above all, I will speak them into your heart and thoughts when you are practicing listening-prayer. I will give you these God-Thoughts again and again, desiring greatly that you use them with Loving will. Ask Me, and listen patiently. I shall give you the Healing Truth, and comfort and dissolve your ills.”

His message was received through sacred prayer transmission by the deep devotional mystic Maija Ingrida Meijers,

Always remember that images are meant to be inspirations to turn to Oneness and its Qualities, not venerated as “other gods.”

This Pendant is available in three sizes (which are all priced the same.) With Sterling Silver it is $26, with Silver Plated Brass it is $16.

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18 x 25mm, 22 x 30mm, 30 x 40mm

Metal Type

Sterling Silver, Silver Plated Brass