Gaia Pendant


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Many believe that the Earth itself is a conscious being known as Gaia, whose message to us is:

“I am the vibrant interconnected allness of the earthly life you think you know.
I am the speaking of the stars and their seed.
I am the sound of the Light, I am the whisper of the leaves speaking to the  wind.
I am the yearning of each shoot of green that breaks through the snow or the sand or the stone.
I am the microbe that knows the algae and the fish and the mouse and the lion and the eagle and that also lives in the dark world of your own belly.
I am the creature far below in the waters that has teeth that are very like your own.
I am the tunnel of roots feeding the sap of all Life to ancient trees that have quietly watched fleshly creatures rise and fall.

The interconnected dream that I am touches all, all, all of what you think of as your world.

O, dear tiny beings of the All, I am bidden to connect all, by the Breath of Life that connects all the bits of Light in the Harmony of Being, from beginning to end and back again.

Cradle all forms and life and workings of the interweave of time as judiciously as I cradle you as a part of it.
So long as you believe that you bodily see and sense your world, know that I am in every particle of it, each one connected to all, and maintained as lovingly as an inventor tinkers endlessly with an amazing and fiercely beautiful idea come to Life.  Firmly and dotingly, I know that no one part is any more important than another in the glorious interweave of light and time, and I behave accordingly.  Humbly know yourself as part of the whole, fed by the flow of tender interdependence.

Honor me as the caretaker of the dream, and let me guide you to gently obey, and take respectful and graceful part in the oneness of the earthly, while you strive to awaken to the Oneness of All Being that is Pure Spirit Itself.

Gaia’s message was received through sacred prayer transmission by the deeply devotional mystic, Maija Ingrida Meijers, whose extensive works can be found at

This Pendant is available in three sizes (which are all priced the same.) With Sterling Silver it is $26, with Silver Plated Brass  it is $16

Always remember that images are meant to be inspirations to turn to Oneness and its Qualities, not venerated as “other gods.”

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18 x 25mm, 22 x 30mm, 30 x 40mm

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Sterling Silver, Silver Plated Brass