Lakshmi Pendant


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“O my faithful ones, I am the golden swirl of energy that
endlessly spirals within the creative force of the supreme
being. I am bonded to that One that holds form of all,
espoused by divine pairing to Him, and tenderly caring
about you all. All my arms embrace you as though polishing
silver, and my hands offer you golden possibilities.
Like the woman creating the body for her child from her own
being and love, like the mother flowing with milk to sustain
and make thrive her child, I am giving, and providing for,
and blessing all of you, my faithful ones.

You are faithful if you give as I give, as a loving spouse bravely
gives, as a mother gives, generously and honestly and diligently
from the true well of all the blossoming of life and deep love.
When I see that you have no greed, when you set aside any
individual arrogance, because you know all are born from the
One Great Lotus Flower of perception, I dance and rejoice.
When I witness your purity of intent, then I am so pleased to be
flowing prosperity and wealth to you, so that you can share,
and flourish, atremble with love that is the nutrient for all
blossoming. Be not complacent with one song lifted to me, or
just one hand put to the task. Ask me to bless your virtuous
efforts, and then work with joy.Work to shape and plant and
grow the good fortune I pour to your being, so that I will gladly
continue to give to you the endlessly swirling golden light and
energy that is the root of the Lotus I stand upon,
the Pure Flower of all Creation.”

Lakshmi’s message was received through sacred
prayer transmission by the deeply devotional mystic
Maija Ingrida Meijers.

This Pendant is available in three sizes (which are all priced the same.) With Sterling Silver it is $26, with Silver Plated Brass  it is $16

Always remember that images are meant to be inspirations to turn to Oneness and its Qualities, not venerated as “other gods.”

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18 x 25mm, 22 x 30mm, 30 x 40mm

Metal Type

Sterling Silver, Silver Plated Brass