Quan Yin Pendant


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Quan Yin is a Bodhisattva (enlightened one who serves humanity) from the Buddhist tradition.  She is known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. Her name in Chinese, Guanshiyin, means “the one who hears the sounds of the world.” Quan Yin’s message to you is:

“How Calm I remain. For I am the Mother of Accepting Love, Who knows the truth of you, and Who patiently nurses you as you slip and wander in your buttery human loves and fleeting dreams. I wait for you to awaken, My gentle hand on your forehead, and my open heart offering you your Spiritual Home. I know you are truly One with Eternal Joyous Calm. I hold forth this flower of unfolding Peace to you. Look to Me. Listen to Me. I will soothe you, and awaken you to your rightful sweet, sweet Calm, to sustain you as you walk the earth.”

This message was receive through sacred prayer transmission by the deeply devotional mystic Maija Ingrida Meijers. http://www.angelsdailymessage.com

The Pendant is available in three sizes (which are all priced the same.) With Sterling Silver it is $26, with Silver Plated Brass it is $16

Always remember that images are meant to be inspirations to turn to Oneness and its Qualities, not venerated as “other gods.”

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18 x 25mm, 22 x 30mm, 30 x 40mm

Metal Type

Sterling Silver, Silver Plated Brass