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The Hope Mandala: Wishes ARE Horses


Hope MandalaWe are told by mystics and seers through the ages that God is the Good that has no opposite. Because God is All That Is, there can be nothing outside of God. But we are trained as humans – not just by parents and teachers and old school preachers, but by the collective belief and history of humanity- we are trained to see, to project, to expect that everything has an opposite of equal measure. Hope is a description of the unyielding Good that emanates from Source. But most of us can’t think of hope without thinking of the possibility of disappointment or even despair. And so we don’t take the comfort in it that is offered all day every day.

A childhood memory comes to mind; my dear mother’s response when I would express a hope for something that she must have felt was unattainable, (probably a horse!) “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.” In all likelihood, someone responded to her childhood hopes the same way. It was programmed into her to try to protect me from disappointment, or to protect herself from feeling like she was the one who had to fulfill my far-fetched dreams. “Don’t get your hopes up, dear,” the world says. All of those little wishes and hopes of all those little children needed to be nipped in the bud like little weeds, lest those children be either spoiled or crushed. But what if we just say to ourselves now, “My hope is good. My hope is a fuel, a direction, a touchstone of Joy’s potential. I just need to remember that its fulfillment comes from my living, breathing relationship with my Source, not from the give and take melodrama of this world, where everyone’s fears are always at play.”

So, yes! Take your hope and ride it. Wishes ARE horses.