The Plates

These stunning art glass plates are made from a print of an original watercolor mandala by Jo Thomas Blaine. The print is fixed to the back of the plate using a non-toxic polymer resin, appearing to be virtually fused with the glass. When handled with care, the plates are fully usable. Simply hand wash, towel dry and avoid soaking. If the plate is wet for too long, the backing changes to opaque white, which will turn clear again when allowed to dry. A few minutes in the sun works like a charm (but only a few… prolonged exposure to the sun should be avoided, as the sun fades the colors of almost everything.) The glass plates are available inĀ  14″ platters, 10″& 9″ plates and 8″ bowls.


The profile of the 10″ glass plate is low, flat and elegant. The very high quality clear glass is made in Delmont, PA by Behrenberg Glass Company.


If you look for imperfection, you will find it! That’s a human thing. The glass plates are made by hand, my hands to be exact. There may be small folds and flecks in the design, and that is just part of the process.

clockwise from upper left: back of 10", back of bowl, back of 10", back of 9"
clockwise from upper left: back of 10″, back of bowl, back of 10″, back of 9″

The back of a glass plate is covered in handmade paper from Japan or Nepal, and is sealed for water resistance.