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Time to begin…

It’s long been time to start writing my thoughts out. OOf ooop ooh… is that my mother calling? Shouldn’t I be starting a load of wash? Almost time to pick the kids up from school… Oh yeah, I think I might need a snack. Or a glass of water. And look at this, my neck is a little sore, I should be stretching. Maybe go for a walk?

There is no time like the present. No time like just trying to GET PRESENT and stop avoiding the present. The present is a gift, right? The present is the only place I will accomplish what I want to accomplish, which is to start this blog and make it a habit. The blog is about connecting to a lasting peace, an abiding love, an ever-present ally. But my word sorter and receiver is frazzled by life. My faith in getting to a finished product, prose-wise, is mighty thin. But maybe, just maybe, my clarity has been living in a seed pod, long dry, long wedged in between rocks, not touching the fertile soil but within reach of it. And maybe a certain wind, a searching squirrel, or a sudden rain will liberate that long stuck seed and we can begin for real…


1 thought on “Time to begin…

  1. One of life’s miracles is that when grounded in now we can begin anew wnenever we are nudged to do it. Keep writing, Jo. I love reading your musings and wisdom.

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